The Standard Package is perfect for venues who only require ticketing and marketing tools. This deal is for any venue who values logistical clarity in the way they organise the renting out of their space. The package includes:

TicketingMarketing / CRMMonitorWeb


The Ticketing module helps organisations successfully manage sales for allocated and unreserved seating.

  • Seating plans: create and manage unlimited seating plans.
  • Product sales: manages sales for programmes and souvenir merchandise.
  • Full reporting
  • System administration
  • Utilities: includes merging of duplicate patrons.

Marketing / CRM

The Marketing/CRM module helps organisations effectively monitor and connect with their patrons. Unlimited user-defined groups can be managed with this module.

  • Patron database: accesses records of patrons across all modules and captures information such as who came to what and when.
  • Sponsorship management
  • Brochure management.


This module provides automatic and continuous updates of sales and availability numbers for specified performances and/or productions.


The Web module provides an all-round online package including features for ticketing, marketing and social media. This module also includes multi-lingual support.

  • Pick-Your-Own-Seats (PYOS)
  • Facebook: sell tickets and sign up to the newsletter within the company Facebook page.
  • Social media: integration, promotion and tracking.
  • Store front/merchandise: includes merchandise images, description and size/style/colour.
  • Third party sales: agency-controlled third party sales of real-time seat inventory, such as an I-Site.
  • Print@Home ticketing: allows customers to buy online and print their tickets at home.
  • Advertising: online advertising and campaign reporting.
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