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Ser o no ser una plataforma…

Alvaro Sarmiento -

At a recent Ticketing Institute pop-up session at the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) annual conference in Bristol UK, I was part of a panel discussion along with a number of other ticketing software suppliers

TTI Popup Bristol 2014

John explaining something on the Panel discussion

I was asked how I saw PatronBase and I went on to outline that I didn’t see PatronBase as a ‘platform’. My view of a platform is that is where you launch things from. In my view that puts the booking system at the centre of the thinking rather than our customer having that role. Our customer of course is the organisation using PatronBase. So if our customer wants to innovate with their audience in a way that suits them, their audience, or the upcoming Production then they can look at their booking system as a supporting act rather than dictating what is available. I likened it to a Lego set that can be used to create the relationship with the audience that our customer is after. To think of us as a preassembled set of pieces, much the same as a Lego Star Wars character, but able to be utilised separately and form part of whatever the imagination comes up with. There are pro’s and con’s with this approach. A more structured environment allows for certainty and a well-trodden path to achieving known results; whereas a more free-form approach relies on the users having the creativity to push boundaries. It is this latter aspect that gets us excited at PatronBase as we rely on our customers to come up with things that they want to be able to do – to extend those limits – which we don’t currently support. So that we can then set about building the pieces that will allow them to do that next time. To build an audience their way.

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Online ticketing. Una historia de éxito

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Independent review: The Ticketing Institute

PatronBase -

PatronBase defies convention says Ticketing Consultant

For the Ticketing Institute’s International Performing Arts Consultant, Roger Tomlinson, PatronBase’s latest developments really struck a chord. Having become aware of PatronBase a decade ago, Tomlinson has since followed the product’s progress with interest after initially seeing something special in proprietor, John Caldwell.Theatre_Royal_Brighton
“[He] turned up at every one, not only taking notes but talking to us about how he could further develop his software”, he explains.
In his latest article, Tomlinson discusses his history with the product as well as his overall feelings and his impressions of the latest product updates. Published on the Ticketing Institutes blog, Tomlinson notes that in an Apple-esque way, PatronBase defies convention and “does it different”.
As Tomlinson discusses the various ways in which PatronBase is completely unconventional, but the one feature that has really stood out for him over the past decade, is the uncompromising positioning as an affordable software option for arts organisations. Even throughout all the new developments, with ever improving technology, the product remains affordable. In comparison with competing products, the more sophisticated product features that PatronBase now boasts, come at a much lower cost.
This lower cost caters to the steadfast target market of PatronBase, ensuring that they too can receive all the opportunities that larger arts organisations can afford, without the hefty price tag.
Tomlinson then goes on to discuss the new product development of PatronBase and how these really manage to impress him with what they do and the manner in which they do it. A browser-based front-end, integration of cultural segments and inventory management are all new additions to the product and all things that Tomlinson sees as key to PatronBase defying convention.
Having such influential figures as Tomlinson praising the PatronBase system goes a long way in increasing our global reach, especially in the UK where we are now establishing ourselves as a credible software option for arts organisations. The new product releases are in response to feedback from customers and prospective customers we have talked to over the years and we are confident that it really meets the need of our market.
To read Roger Tomlinson’s full article on PatronBase click here and keep an eye out for a full announcement on the latest product developments.

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