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Monday – 8th June, 2015

Each territory has its own place on our website now where we will post news, and information specific to that locale.

Team Profiles

John Caldwell

John Caldwell

Founder, Chairman and Chief Evangelist

With a background of 30 years in the IT industry, his own IT services company and a strong personal interest in the Performing Arts when The Court Theatre approached him to join their Board of Trustees he was pleased to be able to bring to their management team some of his experience in Information Technology. He went on to serve on the Board for 12 years, the last 4 as Vice Chairman. When in 1997 they decided to build their own booking system he helped them specify what they were looking for, and then when there was no-one prepared to develop the system, set about co-ordinating a team of developers to make it happen. He has been doing that ever since.