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Build an audience your way

How to win friends and influence patrons.

Discover strategies for managing successful 'friends' and 'membership' schemes for arts organisations.

Helpful Resources

Here are some helpful resources to help you become more efficient and effective in engaging with your audience.


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White Papers

This section includes papers on some of the challenges facing the performance arts industry and our advice and tips to approach these.


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Case Studies

This section includes case studies on some of the problems and challenges facing some of our customers and how we helped solve them.


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This section includes a four part video series we did with Creative New Zealand called “Working Smarter to Engage Audiences”. 


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Standard Package

The Standard Package is perfect for venues who only require ticketing and marketing tools. This deal is for any venue who values logistical clarity in the way they organise the renting out of their space.

Advanced Package

The Advanced Package is perfect for venues who need something that covers the all-round requirements for running a producing venue arts organisation.

Specialist Package

The Specialist Package is the complete solution for full-scale, professional, producing venue arts organisations.


PatronBase provides arts management software. It is used by performing arts organisations to build their audience. These organisations are inherently creative in the way they do business, reflecting their specific talents, facilities and the community they serve...



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