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Integrate your Fundraising

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Effectively manage all aspects of your fundraising activities with the PatronBase Fundraising Module. You’ll be able to run successful campaigns, track opportunities such as grants and sponsorship, through their various stages, and easily associate tasks to these opportunities.

Benefits of the fundraising module include:

IDENTIFYING KEY RELATIONSHIPS – easily view donors’ behaviour and giving patterns making it easier for future fundraising efforts.

MEASURE YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS – track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make enhancements, where needed, in real time.

CREATE UNIQUE PROCESSES – applying for a grant will be different to the process of seeking a sponsorship. Within this module you can setup as many different processes as you need.

REAL TIME RESULTS – instantly see fundraising progress and upcoming tasks with our easy to use dashboard.

REDUCE MANUAL TASKS – automate and streamline administration tasks associated with fundraising with an easy to manage interface.

Click here to view the Fundraising Brochure



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Modernised ticketing for the Townsville arts community proves successful

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The Townsville City Council’s theatre scene was growing rapidly and they were in need of a new ticketing solution to keep up with demand levels.

As ticketing is such a critical part of a theatre, the Townsville City Council required a solution that could keep up with their increasing demand, while providing a modern and user-friendly interface that met the technology expectations of today.

After a vigorous selection process, they decided PatronBase was the best choice.

The key features they were looking for were strong web capability, the ability to capture more information about patrons, and handle subscription packages. PatronBase delivered on all of them.

“PatronBase provide a very good system that exceeds our expectations. We can get everything we need from it, it has made such a positive impact on how we manage our venues” Stephen Burgess, Ticketing & Front-of-House Team Leader, Townsville City Council.

Read the full case study here



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PatronBase helps The Wanneroo Repertory get ahead by streamlining ticket sales

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Established in 1973, the Limelight Theatre (The Wanneroo Repertory) is a 169 seat single auditorium with around 250 members, and is situated in the heart of the Wanneroo townsite, 25km north of Perth.

With their existing arts management system needing an overhaul, they went out to the market to look primarily for a ticketing system. But they also wanted to look at other capabilities such as memberships and the potential to offer season tickets.

Initially doing some research on what systems were available, a sub-committee of the management team came up with 10 potential arts management systems. As a result of this research, PatronBase was selected as the preferred option.

In the past 12 months since PatronBase has been implemented, not only has the ticketing process become a lot more efficient, the reporting functionality have enabled The Wanneroo Repertory to manage their sales a lot better. Click here to read the full case study


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The New Zealand School of Dance

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How they created a complete view of patrons

The New Zealand School of Dance is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s leading tertiary training institutes for dancers. With purpose built facilities, the school produces world class dancers in classical ballet and contemporary dance.

PatronBase talked to Marketing Manager, Celia Jenkins, about the school’s need to maintain a complete view of their patrons with a strong focus being placed on fundraising, a highly important aspect for the school.

With PatronBase, they were able to customise the system to cover their unique needs and create a 360 degree view of their patrons.

To find out more about how the New Zealand School of Dance were able to use PatronBase to build their audience, their way, read the case study “A giant leap towards a complete view of patrons.

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PatronBase introduces the YourShift integration

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PatronBase is pleased to introduce the latest feature to the system, an integration with YourShift. YourShift is a shift management system for companies, helping to manage rotating rosters, diaries, notifications, volunteers and messaging. It is a key product for many PatronBase users so we are excited to be able to now offer an integration between the two systems.

The integration allows users to manage their leave requests, view upcoming shifts and to communicate with other members of staff.

YourShift Integration

If you have shift or roster challenges and would like to find out more about the integration, contact our support team now to discuss an integration into your system.

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What is the PatronBase WebHub?

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PatronBase have just launched WebHub, a service for those wanting to work on the go.

WebHub is a great integration of all of PatronBase’s key features into one, easy to use system. It includes group messaging, live chat, an in/out board, ticket sales monitoring, campaign monitoring, occupancy monitoring and a patron search.

The group messaging feature allows easy, fast communication to any number of individuals or groups within the PatronBase system. You can set up specific communication groups that you wish to message at once or send to everyone in the system.

Live chat lets you instant message anyone, anywhere. Whether you have someone based at the theatre and you need to ask them a question, or a director out on the road, it is easy to send them a direct message.

The in/out board feature allows you to see where people are in real time. If you require the box office to be manned at all times, this feature allows you to see who is there and where everyone else is.

Ticket sales monitoring, campaign monitoring and occupancy monitoring allows you to track and manage your theatre. You can see how sales and fundraising is tracking at a glance while seeing how full the theatre is with the occupancy monitor.

The patron search function allows you to check information while you are on the go with a number of fields being searchable. This means that you don’t have to wait to get back to your desk and can get the answer you require immediately.

To find out more information about WebHub and a full breakdown of its features, visit the website here.

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PatronBase Anuncia su Entrada en el Mercado Norteamericano

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“We are excited to announce that Charles B. Shatzkin, President of Global Theater Tech, LLC, is our new partner for introducing the PatronBase system to North America. Charles is an arts industry veteran with worldwide experience in venue management software, the Internet, theater technology, fundraising and not-for-profit administration. We could not be more delighted to have someone of his experience introducing the PatronBase platform to two of the most exciting arts markets” said John Caldwell, CEO of PatronBase.

Charles has been a principal fund raiser for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and had global leadership roles in sales and marketing at both Select Ticketing (where he was key team member in the development of the first live internet ticketing system) and then He was Director of International Sales for J.R. Clancy (foremost supplier of theatrical rigging technology), is a 30 year IATSE technician and has sound, lighting and film production credits that number in the hundreds. He also has a Masters in Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

“We are thrilled to bring PatronBase to the US and Canada”, said Mr. Shatzkin. “The PatronBase system is a complete suite of tools to build an audience your way, providing organizations with a comprehensive platform supporting virtually all of a venue’s sales, marketing and administrative needs, all at a price that will, we think, surprise the market. One system for ticketing, marketing, Internet sales, resource management and inventory control – all integrated in one easy to use and incredibly affordable package. We’re proud to bring PatronBase to this market at a time when venues and organizations need all the help they can get.”

Global Theater Tech will provide sales, support and consultancy coast to coast from offices in New York and Oregon.


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PatronBase launches new release with plenty of exciting new features

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PatronFaces_Metro_250We have always focussed on not only ticketing, but helping you to build stronger relationships with your patrons. Our latest release gets the most out of their touch points with you, both within and outside of the box office.

We are excited to announce a range of new features in the latest release of the software. These new features will make current processes easier, give more in-depth information about patrons, and offer brand new processes.

Founder & CEO John Caldwell announced the changes at a recent release launch to key industry partners. One of these was The Ticketing Institute’s Senior Consultant, Roger Tomlinson.  Tomlinson was highly impressed by the new features, saying that PatronBase “defies convention”, by adding new features but still sticking to their affordability promise. To read Tomlinson’s full blog on this PatronBase release, click here.

The latest features cover a wide range of aspects of the software. Here is a quick overview of the main headlines:

  • Patron Attributes

The incorporation of Patron Attributes into the application extends the suite of tools and the content about a patron to create a significantly deeper view. This also enables you to group individuals by any number of customisable segments, allowing for more targeted communications and analysis.

  • QuickPOS

This is a good product for point of sale, featuring touch-screen support and barcode scanner integration. Easily associate a sale with a patron, by name or by scanning a membership card, including all other purchases as well (e.g. merchandise, food and drink). It can also be used to sell tickets to an unallocated event in the same transaction.

  • Inventory

This is a full stock control inventory management solution where stock levels and stock points are managed and units can even be sold in different quantities than they are stocked as (e.g. sold as a glass of wine vs. stocked as a bottle). All purchases under a patron are able to be tracked, giving a more complete picture than before of all interactions they have with your organisation.

  • WebHub

WebHub is a browser-based entry point to some key features in common with the desktop application; it also includes some unique features such as the ability to real-time ‘chat’ with other users of PatronBase within other organisations. This browser-based front end offers a Windows 8 ‘look and feel’ user experience including touch screen capability, with a focus on ease of use.

  • Venue Manager

Updates to the Venue Manager functionality have reinforced it as a key coordinated module that enables resources and usage, room bookings and events to be managed. Events across multiple spaces are now easily managed and the whole module is integrated with the ticketing system.

  • Memberships

Individuals can now be linked together in groups such as a family, making it easier to track multiple memberships at once. Group memberships are displayed on patron records and any number of groups can be established with membership periods being flexible. This makes communications and targeted marketing much easier.

For more detailed information on each of the new release features, click here to download the full Release Notes for Q2 2015.

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Independent review: The Ticketing Institute

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PatronBase defies convention says Ticketing Consultant

For the Ticketing Institute’s International Performing Arts Consultant, Roger Tomlinson, PatronBase’s latest developments really struck a chord. Having become aware of PatronBase a decade ago, Tomlinson has since followed the product’s progress with interest after initially seeing something special in proprietor, John Caldwell.Theatre_Royal_Brighton
“[He] turned up at every one, not only taking notes but talking to us about how he could further develop his software”, he explains.
In his latest article, Tomlinson discusses his history with the product as well as his overall feelings and his impressions of the latest product updates. Published on the Ticketing Institutes blog, Tomlinson notes that in an Apple-esque way, PatronBase defies convention and “does it different”.
As Tomlinson discusses the various ways in which PatronBase is completely unconventional, but the one feature that has really stood out for him over the past decade, is the uncompromising positioning as an affordable software option for arts organisations. Even throughout all the new developments, with ever improving technology, the product remains affordable. In comparison with competing products, the more sophisticated product features that PatronBase now boasts, come at a much lower cost.
This lower cost caters to the steadfast target market of PatronBase, ensuring that they too can receive all the opportunities that larger arts organisations can afford, without the hefty price tag.
Tomlinson then goes on to discuss the new product development of PatronBase and how these really manage to impress him with what they do and the manner in which they do it. A browser-based front-end, integration of cultural segments and inventory management are all new additions to the product and all things that Tomlinson sees as key to PatronBase defying convention.
Having such influential figures as Tomlinson praising the PatronBase system goes a long way in increasing our global reach, especially in the UK where we are now establishing ourselves as a credible software option for arts organisations. The new product releases are in response to feedback from customers and prospective customers we have talked to over the years and we are confident that it really meets the need of our market.
To read Roger Tomlinson’s full article on PatronBase click here and keep an eye out for a full announcement on the latest product developments.

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The Emotion in Loyalty

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I travel a lot. Over the last few years I have lost track of the air miles I have clocked up while travelling long haul between hemispheres. And I have flown most of the airlines flying the various routes down under to topside, and back.

After a while I settled on one airline. When you do that you start to move up the loyalty ladder of the scheme that they run, which usually gets you benefits and privileges. But then they all do that, so that isn’t what I want to talk about.

The airline I chose has very good food and an excellent inflight entertainment system, which they don’t all have by the way. But that isn’t what I tell my friends about when we are sharing travel stories over the dinner table.

I tell them about two things, a one-off and an interesting lesson.

The one-off involved the early days when liquids had just started to be limited for carry-on luggage. For those that know me they will not be surprised that I had spent considerable time and money selecting two bottles of fine NZ wine to take as gifts to one of our international partners. I had forgotten about the carry-on liquids limit and so they were confiscated at security, as they should have been. All my fault, but I was pretty grizzly about it at the time. And it had nothing to do with the airline, they weren’t even involved at that stage.

I was travelling economy (have you seen our prices?!) and as we were preparing to land a steward came down the aisle. I didn’t pay him any attention until he stopped by my seat and handed me a bag with two bottles of wine from the first-class selection. “We heard about what happened while you were boarding and thought you might like these for your friends”. Wow.

While that was exceptional service, the enduring lesson has come from another experience. I had literally travelled my way up to the top band of their loyalty programme, and was sitting one day in economy (still) and as the crew were preparing for take-off the purser came along the aisle with a printout list in his hand looking for a seat number. He stopped at my row and said “Mr Caldwell?” Yes. He then crouched down and earnestly looked me in the eyes and said “Welcome back”. Wow, again. So simple and yet so effective.

The airline’s product is very good, and I always get where I am wanting to go, but these are the things that I recalled and told others about, as this happened each time I embarked on a long haul journey with them.

The overwhelming feeling for me was that I was special, valued and recognised.

After a while the airline expanded and even though I was still a top level member, the personalised welcome started to drop off. To the point that I no longer expected it, and no longer told my friends about my great airline experiences.

The lessons? The power of recognising your customers is out of proportion to the cost. The feeling that they have towards your organisation is out of proportion to any tangible value that they can point to. But what was a delight became expected and when it stopped it meant I wasn’t as special as they had lead me to believe.

You know who your most valued customers are, but do they experience that recognition?

Do they get to feel it?

And if you tell them, never stop. No matter how good your product is.

They will tell their friends.

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